How Much Is A 1995 5 Dollar Bill Worth?

The 1995 5 dollar bill is only worth the face value of five dollars because it's such a recent example and over 4 billion were printed.

Even a Superb Gem Uncirculated 68 EPQ like the Federal Reserve Star Note below is only worth about $25.

1995 $5 Dollar Bill

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

If you happen to have a $5 FRN with a fancy serial number or an error note in your collection, it could be worth a lot more at auction.

  • Series: 1995
  • Denomination: $5 USD
  • Seal Varieties: (1) Green
  • Signature Varieties: (1) Mary Ellen Withrow - Robert E. Rubin
  • Regular Varieties: (12) Boston (A), New York (B), Philadelphia (C), Cleveland (D), Richmond (E), Atlanta (F), Chicago (G), St. Louis (H), Minneapolis (I), Kansas City (J), Dallas (K), San Francisco (L)
  • Star Note Varieties: (5) Boston (A), New York (B), Cleveland (D), Atlanta (F), Chicago (G)
  • Regular Notes Printed: 4,128,000,000
  • Regular Star Notes Printed: 17,664,000

These notes were printed June 1995 through January 2000 at both the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) sites in Fort Worth and Washington D.C.

The 1995 $5 dollar bill was the first series for around 40 years that was made available in the form of uncut sheets for collectors.

It was also the last series of uncut sheets for collectors that included the old conventional style serial numbers.

These uncut sheets were only produced for Boston (A), which were printed in Washington D.C. and Atlanta (F) & Chicago (G), which were printed in Fort Worth.

What Does The 1995 5 Dollar Bill Look Like?

1995 $5 Dollar Bill Obverse

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The 1995 $5 bill is a small-sized federal reserve note which measures 6.14 x 2.61 inches.

On the obverse of the $5 bill is an image of Abraham Lincoln in the center with FIVE DOLLARS written below it. Above the image is written THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

To the right hand side of the Lincoln portrait is the serial number L06666666B, the green Department of the Treasury seal, the note series 1995, and the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury Robert E Rubin.

The main areas of interest to the left side of the Lincoln Portrait include the Federal Reserve Bank District letter which in this case is L for California, the serial number and the signature of the Treasurer of the United States Mary Ellen Withrow.

1995 $5 Dollar Bill Reverse

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The reverse of the 1995 $5 Federal Reserve Note has an image of the Lincoln Memorial in the center and similar to the obverse is written THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the top and FIVE DOLLARS at the bottom.

Just above the memorial is also written IN GOD WE TRUST.

How Much Is A 1995 5 Dollar Bill Worth

The excellent example above is graded Superb Gem CU. It also has a solid serial number which adds to its value.

This $5 bill sold on 15th January 2003 at Heritage Auctions for $87.40.

So, as you can tell from this auction lot, unless you have a really great example of this FRN, your 1995 $5 bill isn't going to be worth much more than face value.

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