Hidden Treasures Are Everywhere Just Waiting To Be Discovered!

Finding lost treasure is just one of the many exciting areas of metal detecting that makes this hobby so attractive to people of all ages.

There's nothing as thrilling as heading out for the weekend and finding fascinating and often valuable objects hidden just below the ground that you're standing on.

The main reasons I got started in metal detecting were to meet new friends and maybe even unearth some forgotten part of history if I was lucky enough.

I love hunting for old coins and war relics. I’ve found plenty of coins, but nothing to get excited about and the barrel of an old army rifle.

Although I don't actively search for Gold, a big nugget would be a nice find.

Most of my finds are made up of nails, wire, old buttons, shell casings and bottle tops, etc. But don’t let that put you off if you’re thinking of getting started.

The more you practise, the better you get. Plus if you join a local club, you’ll meet lots of new friends!

Getting Started - Metal Detecting For Beginners

When you’re just starting out on your journey with this exciting new hobby you don’t need to go out and buy lots of new gear.

When I started, my dad bought me an entry level kit for beginners. It contained a metal detector, headphones and a small plastic trowel.

You can get the equivalent starter kits today for less than $200. Metal detectors suitable for all-round use range from about $160 to $2500.

The important questions you need to answer before buying your first metal detector are:

  • What is your budget?
  • What type of objects are you searching for?
  • Where are you planning to use your machine?

You don’t want to buy a really expensive machine and then discover after a few hunting sessions that you don’t like the hobby and want to try something new.

Where Can You Go Metal Detecting?

Some good places to use your metal detector include:

  • Beaches
  • Friend's Gardens
  • Local Parks or Forests
  • Farmland

Wherever you decide to hunt, it's always best to seek permission from the landowner before you start.

Tools And Accessories For Metal Detecting?

This is a list of the various tools and other equipment you will encounter while pursuing this hobby

  • Diggers
  • Headphones
  • Pinpointers
  • Coil Covers
  • Backpacks
  • Magazines

Metal Detector Brands

  • Bounty Hunter
  • XP
  • Tesoro
  • Garrett
  • Teknetics
  • Makro
  • DetectorPro
  • Fisher Labs
  • Nel
  • Whites

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter is a brand from El Paso, Texas which is a subsidiary of First Texas Holdings Corp. They offer many different metal detector models which cater for all users from beginner to pro level.

Their impressive product range includes the following models:

  • Starter: Junior T.I.D., Junior, VLF & Gold Digger
  • Intermediate: Prospector, Fast Tracker, Tracker II, Tracker IV & Quick Silver
  • Advanced: Commando, Lone Star & Quick Draw II
  • Serious: Land Star, Sharp Shooter II & Time Ranger
  • Pro: Lone Star Pro, Quick Draw Pro, Land Ranger Pro, Gold, Titanium & Platinum
  • Discovery: 1100, 2200 & 3300
  • Pioneer: EX, 202 & 505

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett are a company from Garland, Texas that specialize in producing metals detectors for sport, security and also the military.

The family run company started in 1964 and is now a worldwide leader in their field.

They offer a great range of sporting products, which will allow you to hunt anywhere you want, whether that's land or underwater!

  • AT (All-Terrain) VLF: ATMax, ATGold, ATPro
  • ATX Extreme Pulse Induction
  • ACE: ACE200, ACE300, ACE400
  • GTI2500
  • Sea Hunter MKII

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Fisher Labs Metal Detectors

Fisher Labs is another company under the First Texas umbrella.

They started out in 1931 which probably makes them the oldest metal detector company in the world.

They produce a large range of models and accessories for multi-purpose, gold, deep seeking and underwater use.

  • F-Series: F44, F22, F11, F2, F4, F5, F19, F70, F75
  • Underwater CZ-21, 1280-X
  • Gold: Bug, Bug 2
  • Deep Seeking:CZ-3D, Gemini 3

Minelab Metal Detectors