50p Coins From 1997 To 2020


Britannia 50p

There were 456,364,100 produced in 1997 as the new smaller coin was entered into circulation.


Britannia 50p

There were 64,306,500 produced in 1998 as some commemorative coins were also minted.

NHS 50p

5,001,000 coins were minted in 1998 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHS.

European Union 50p

There were 5,043,000 special edition coins issued in 1998 to commemorate the United Kingdom’s entry 25 years prior to the European Economic Community in 1973.


Britannia 50p

There were 24,905,000 produced in 1999.


Britannia 50p

There were 27,915,500 produced in 2000.

Public Libraries 50p

11,263,000 special edition coins were minted to commemorate 150 years since the passing of the Public Libraries Act in 1850.


Britannia 50p

There were 84,998,500 produced in 2001.


Britannia 50p

There were 23,907,500 produced in 2002.


Britannia 50p

There were 23,583,000 produced in 2003 along with the new Suffragettes coin.

Suffragettes 50p

Minted to commemorate 100 years since the Women's Social and Political Union was established. 3,124,030 were produced.


Britannia 50p

There were 35,315,500 produced in 2004 along with the Roger Bannister commemorative coin.

Roger Bannister 50p

There were 9,032,500 of these coins produced in 2004 to mark the 50th anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile in 1954.

Aquatic 50p

Archery 50p

Athletics 50p

Badminton 50p

Basketball 50p

Battle of Britain 50p

Battle of Hastings 50p

Beatrix Potter 50p

Benjamin Britain 50p

Benjamin Bunny 50p

Boccia 50p

Boxing 50p

Brexit 50p