How Much Is A 1913 Lincoln Wheat Penny Worth?

1913 Lincoln Wheat Penny

*Image Courtesy of USA Coinbook

The value of the 1913 Lincoln Wheat penny varies greatly depending on its grade, color and where it was minted.

For example, red colored cents will always be worth more than brown ones and coins minted in San Francisco will be more valuable due to their lower mintage that year.

On average the 1913 Lincoln Wheat penny, minted in Philadelphia, is worth $1 in grade G4 condition. The 1913-D variety, minted in Denver, is worth $10 in grade G4 condition and the 1913-S variety, minted in San Francisco, is worth $15 in grade G4 condition.

As the value of a coin can vary so much depending on its grade, let's take a closer look at each type of 1913 penny and discover which varieties are most valuable to collectors.

1913 Wheat Penny Value

1913 Wheat Penny

*Image Courtesy of USA Coinbook

  • Designer: Victor David Brenner
  • Metal Composition: 95% Copper - 5% Tin & Zinc
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Weight: 3.11 grams

The value of this coin varies mainly due to its color and condition or grade.

There are usually three colors when it comes to US cents. Red, Red/Brown and Brown. Red is usually the most valuable and Brown the least.

According to PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Services), a 1913 wheat back penny minted in Philadelphia (no mint mark) is worth between $1 and $41,000 depending on grade and color.

For example, a circulated coin with grade Good (G4) would be worth $1 and an uncirculated Mint State (MS67+) Red is valued at $41,000.

An estimate of some of the other grades include Fine (F12) $3, Extremely Fine (EF40) $16, Mint State (MS60) $42 and (MS65) $350.

As you might have noticed, MS67+ Red cents are very rare regardless of the year and command a premium price.

In 1913 there were 76,532,352 regular pennies minted in Philadelphia and approximately 2,848 proof versions.

Philadelphia was the only mint that produced proof cents that year.

The record auction price for a regular 1913 cent graded MS67 and minted in Philadelphia is $47,150 which was achieved June 2008 by Bowers & Merena auctioneers.

It was bought and added to the P.F. Flyer Collection.

The record auction price for a proof cent from the same year and produced in Philadelphia is $32,700.

It is graded PR67 and was also sold by Bowers & Merena auctioneers March 2009.

There were no known error coin varieties produced in Philly that year, although some do exist and are sold off at auction occasionally.

Some errors you might find in circulation from the striking process are Doubled Die, Off Center Strikes, Clipped Planchet, etc.

1913-D Wheat Penny Value

1913 D

*Image Courtesy of USA Coinbook

There were around 15,804,000 1913-D pennies produced in Denver.

These coins are worth between $3 and $19,000 depending on their grade and color.

MS66+ Red is the highest known grade for a Denver cent from that year.

Due to the smaller number of these Lincoln's appearing in circulation, even the lower grade specimens are quite valuable.

A Good (G4) is worth around $3, a Fine (F12) $10, an Extremely Fine (EF40) $45, Mint State (MS60) $165 and (MS65) $850.

A record auction price was set June 2017 at Stack's Bowers Galleries when a MS66+ Red 1913 D sold for $23,500.

There are no known errors from Denver that year, although some have been found in circulation.

An AU50 graded example was sold by Heritage Auctions 10th September 2019 for $690.

It was a strike error and was struck 15% Off Center.

1913-S Wheat Penny Value

1913 S

*Image Courtesy of USA Coinbook

The lowest number of cents produced that year were from San Francisco.

Around 6,101,000 1913-S coins were created and they are the most valuable of all the 1913 Lincoln Wheat pennies to coin collectors due to their low mintage figure.

For example, a G4 grade would be worth $15 while a MS66 Red would be valued at $26,000.

Other grades and their values include (F12) $26, (EF40) $55, (MS60) $225 and (MS65) $1850.

The record auction price for a 1913-S is set at $63,250.

This sale took place Jan 5th, 2006, at Heritage Auctions for this superb looking MS66 Red semi-key date example.

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*Image Credit: USA Coinbook

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