How Much Is The 1988 20 Dollar Bill Worth?

The 1988 20 dollar bill is actually a 1988A series Federal Reserve Note. In circulated condition it is only worth face value as so many of them were printed.

A regular uncirculated 1988 $20 bill is worth $25 for a Very Fine (20-35), $30 for an Extra Fine (40-45), $40 for an About Unc (50-58), $45 for a Crisp Unc (60-62), $60 for a Choice CU (63) and $62 for a GEM CU (65).

1988 $20 Bill

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

  • Series: 1988A
  • Denomination: $20 USD
  • Seal Varieties: (1) Green
  • Signature Varieties: (1) Catalina Vásquez Villalpando - Nicholas F Brady
  • Regular Varieties: (12) Boston (A), New York (B), Philadelphia (C), Cleveland (D), Richmond (E), Atlanta (F), Chicago (G), St. Louis (H), Minneapolis (I), Kansas City (J), Dallas (K), San Francisco (L)
  • Star Note Varieties: (5) New York (B), Philadelphia (C), Atlanta (F), Chicago (G), Dallas (K)
  • Regular Notes Printed: 3,900,800,000
  • Regular Star Notes Printed: 25,040,000

The 1988A series 20 dollar bill was printed March 1990 through March 1992 at the BEP's Eastern Currency Facility at Washington DC.

What Does The 1988 20 Dollar Bill Look Like?

The $20 Federal Reserve Note has changed much over the years since the small sized FRN was first produced.

On the observe is a portrait of Andrew Jackson who was the 7th President of the United States in the center.

On the left of this is the obligation clause which reads 'THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE'. Below this is the Federal Reserve Banking district which in this case is 'L' for San Francisco or 12th district that the note was printed for.

Underneath is the serial number L40069082C and then below this again is the signature of the Treasurer of the United States Catalina Vásquez Villalpando.

On the right side of the portrait is the serial number again with the green seal of the Department of the Treasury below it. The word TWENTY is written through it.

Below this is Series 1988A and the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas F Brady.

1988 $20 Bill Reverse

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

On the reverse of the 1988 $20 bill is an image of The White House. This is still the same image that has been used on the 20 dollar bill since 1948 when it was updated to include building renovations such as the Truman Balcony.

You may also notice that the trees are larger than those on the reverse of the 1934 $20 bill and the flag isn't as fully extended in the wind.

Star Replacement Notes

1988 $20 Bill Star Note

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Star notes are bills that were printed to replace regular notes that got damaged during printing. Because there are less of them available, they are usually more valuable.

You can tell a star note from a regular note because it has a * after the serial number.

An uncirculated star replacement 1988 $20 bill is worth $30 for a Very Fine (20-35), $50 for an Extra Fine (40-45), $55 for an About Unc (50-58), $75 for a Crisp Unc (60-62), $100 for a Choice CU (63) and $105 for a GEM CU (65).

1988 20 Dollar Bill Error Notes

Error notes or special serial numbers are the most valuable of all 1988 twenty dollar notes because they are so unique and rare.

For example, a high quality GEM NEW 65PPQ $20 note with the serial number G00000001B sold at auction January 2012 for $6,900.

Another note with a mis-aligned printing error went for $2,990 the same year.

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